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Smaller Budget Safety Consultation

Scalable EHS safety support for all production phases. Hybrid -does not include on-set advisor.

Service Description

Intended to aid Producers, Production Managers, 1AD & each HOD by providing most essential EHS / Risk Management support to a production. Scalable, dynamic and responsive to changing conditions, stakeholder risk tolerance, scripts, regulatory requirements, etc. May include some features of other services (Safety Risk Assessments, Office Fire & Policy, etc), subject to production desires. Optional features include: - Hazard Assessment, Mitigation & Implementation recommendations - Emergency Preparedness - Joint Health & Safety Committee support - Production Meeting Safety Overview - Environmental Sustainability Planning - Education / Toolbox Talks - Mental Health First Aid & resourcing - Location Scout/Recce Safety - Tech Survey Safety Summaries - Call Sheet Safety support (safety bulletins, 2AD support) - First Aid incident management, paperwork, investigations - Exposure Control Plan design (HazComm, ventilation, VOC/Isocyanates, Asbestos/lead/mold) - Incident Investigations, Return-to-work planning, Motor Vehicle Incident Reports - OHS Regulatory Compliance (WorkSafeBC, etc) - Recommendations and best practice guidelines Price negotiated based on scope & scale of production, # of episodes, locations, shooting duration, crew size, risk profile, etc.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule the zoom consultation, please contact us at least 24 hrs before scheduled meeting.

Contact Details


20681 67 Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada

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