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Mission + Values

Salish Safety exists to empower film & television productions to work and walk in a good way: honouring one another,

our stories, our laws and our lands. 

Our name acknowledges and respects the diverse

Coast Salish peoples upon whose unceded land we are privileged to live, learn, recreate, rest and film upon.
SALISH also forms an acrostic of our Values

value - safe and sound
safe + sound

We aim to model & promote a safety culture characterized by positive, pro-active, people-centred and risk-aware excellence. One where cast, crew & producers are encouraged, equipped, empowered and assured

that safety is the priority.
Risks are assessed with diligence, mitigations recommended with confidence, and negligence avoided with vigilance. We are constantly
seeking to discover better, safer products & methods to improve crew & asset safety, and lower incident/injury rates.

value - acumen

We are savvy film production professionals - aware of the unique dynamics, specialized skills, compartmentalized roles/responsibilities, communication lanes, location hazards, circus/basecamp dynamics, orchestrated movements, construction/stunt/SPFX/animal hazards, short time-frames, rapidly-changing situations, budget constraints and creative expectations. Our experience & attentiveness to detail allow us to provide creative, concise, actionable, adaptable, and scalable solutions.

value - leave it better

We consider the future consequences of our recommendations and filming activity - whether a rented soundstage, production office, an urban or remote location. We embrace circularity in our approach to managing resources, striving for net-positive impacts, responsible recycling and environmental stewardship with the goal of leaving it better.  
We further desire to leave our colleagues better by generously sharing resources, learnings & skills to enhance safety knowledge & best practices on future productions.

value - integrity

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, will speak with honesty and ensure our actions align with our recommendations. We will make every effort to ‘get to yes’ on a safety consultation, and will not compromise safety, security or stewardship to do so. We will cultivate curiosity & creativity in seeking solutions, grounding our recommendations in first principles and relevant legislation.

value - simplicity

Our role is to interpret the labyrinth of provincial, federal and international safety legislation, standards & guidelines - to break it down and translate into simple, actionable and essential elements - ensuring compliance & maximizing efficiency.  We will speak plainly, equip effectively, and communicate simply what you need to know.

value - humility

At the heart of film production are its people: artists, actors, technicians and storytellers. We recognize the dignity, value & worth of each one - above & below the line - and have as our goal their flourishing. We treat one another with respect, compassion, empathy and kindness. We expect the best of one another, embrace vulnerabilities, speak directly,  celebrate diversity, encourage unity (not uniformity) and approach interactions with humility.

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