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Far and away

WorkSafeBC updates First aid regulations for local & remote work in BC.

In April 2023, WorkSafeBC approved amendments to Part 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHS-R), relating to the provision of occupational first aid.

Relevant to Film, these amendments require a location-specific Risk Assessment, reclassify workplaces according to 'Remote' and/or 'Less-Accessible' status, and define new minimum first aid requirements based on industry Hazard Ratings.

Some changes are simply terminology (OFA level 3 is now called Advanced, OFA-1 is now called Basic, etc), while others are more consequential to location safety preparedness (Remote workplaces are now defined as 30 minutes away from nearest hospital, First Aid Facility & Transport requirements are redefined for remote worksites, etc).

Although these amendments don't take effect until November 1, 2024 film EHS/OHS safety leaders would be well-served by familiarizing themselves with the changes to ensure compliance and preparedness.

Download & share our 2-page Safety Primer which highlights changes, provides links to hazard ratings and outlines the new minimum first aid requirements for common film industry classifications.

We'll update this resource as WorkSafeBC rolls out related guidelines, as they plan to do starting Fall 2023.

WorkSafeBC First Aid Requirements_amended - Film - Nov2023v1_1
Download PDF • 324KB

Stay safe. Work well. Walk humbly.

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