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Welcome to safety talk

Our opportunity to nerd out on film safety in the hopes it might help others with film making, and further elevate the safety awareness of BC's film industry.


We'll use this space to share learnings & lessons, review products, share best practices, white papers and occasional case studies. Comments and interaction is best facilitated on social media sites (linkedIN, X), but we may have guest posts on occasion. As per our NDA's, we'll avoid any details that might link to a particular production - particularly when it comes to incidents & injuries. That said, safety humour is welcome. We take safety seriously, not ourselves.

When it comes to wellbeing, we don't compromise. On set, in the office, on location, at home and everywhere in between - health, wellness and safety are our foundation.

So stay curious, stay positive, expect the best from others and do your best to make safe.

Take good care out there.

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